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US-1000257-A: Rotary engine. patent, US-1001275-A: Skirt-marker. patent, US-1001348-A: Tire. patent, US-1002104-A: Supporting-rack. patent, US-1002303-A: Method of and apparatus for forming hermetically-sealed metal sheets. patent, US-1002513-A: Automatic stoker. patent, US-1002782-A: Poultry-feeder. patent, US-1003436-A: Collection-indicator for mail-boxes. patent, US-1003472-A: Sleeve-holding device. patent, US-1003946-A: Pneumatic water-elevator. patent, US-1004277-A: Means of securing and supporting railway-rails. patent, US-1004288-A: Means for building and reinforcing the walls of tunnels, shafts, and the like. patent, US-1004593-A: Measuring device for cutting garments. patent, US-100461-A: Improvement in thresholds patent, US-1004620-A: Milling attachment for planing-machines. patent, US-1005259-A: Electromechanical indicator. patent, US-1005938-A: Car-roof. patent, US-1006448-A: Smoke-pipe collar. patent, US-1006921-A: Pneumatic or vacuum cleaner. patent, US-100845-A: Improvement in lanterns patent, US-1008654-A: Casing-tongs. patent, US-1009101-A: Safety-razor. patent, US-1009236-A: Machine for making paper boxes. patent, US-1009805-A: Asphalt-distributer. patent, US-1009982-A: Car-seal. patent, US-1010248-A: Ear-muff. patent, US-1010386-A: Overshoe. patent, US-1010684-A: Car-framing. patent, US-101073-A: Improvement in lamp-burners patent, US-1011114-A: Bath-mat. patent, US-1011423-A: Belt-drive elevator. patent, US-1012037-A: Wrench. patent, US-1015373-A: Type-writing machine. patent, US-1015803-A: Pulp-machine. patent, US-1016414-A: Railway-tie. patent, US-1016698-A: Smoke-house. patent, US-1016700-A: Coil-forming machine. patent, US-1017203-A: Sanitary cuspidor. patent, US-1017271-A: Laminated cohesive interwound fabric band. patent, US-1020112-A: Sewing-machine. patent, US-1021037-A: Oil-can holder. patent, US-1023391-A: Sash-lock. patent, US-1023538-A: Garment-supporter. patent, US-1023689-A: Sad-iron. patent, US-1024468-A: Wardrobe-door lock. patent, US-1024615-A: Socket-joint patent, US-102539-A: Richard m patent, US-1025639-A: Smoker's pipe. patent, US-1026106-A: Metal ties for railroads. patent, US-1027046-A: Block-signal system. patent, US-1027206-A: Feed-mill. patent, US-102736-A: Improvement in straw-cutters patent, US-10276-A: Arrangement op valves patent, US-1028140-A: Black disazo dyestuff and process of making same. patent, US-102891-A: Improvement in hoes patent, US-1030032-A: Tire-repair device. patent, US-1030155-A: Hay-loading device. patent, US-1030705-A: Channeling-machine. patent, US-1030932-A: Whiffletree. patent, US-1030955-A: Electric lamp and supporting-bracket therefor. patent, US-1030980-A: Poultry-perch. patent, US-1031358-A: Railroad cross-tie. patent, US-103234-A: Improvement in rendering i patent, US-1032365-A: Machine for making chain-links. patent, US-1032847-A: Pump. patent, US-1032859-A: Stovepipe-retainer. patent, US-1033126-A: Method of producing endothermic compounds from their components. patent, US-1033444-A: Sheet-feeding mechanism. patent, US-103368-A: Improved safety socket for whips patent, US-103414-A: Improvement in elevators for building material patent, US-1034861-A: Clinker-cooler. patent, US-103501-A: Improved sad-iron patent, US-1036217-A: Sanitary seat. patent, US-1036226-A: Foldable umbrella. patent, US-1036335-A: Leather-staking machine. patent, US-1036539-A: Steam-gage holder. patent, US-1036613-A: Radial head-gate. patent, US-1037595-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-1037691-A: Device for facilitating the removal of valves. patent, US-1037860-A: Horse-releaser. patent, US-1037951-A: Feed-mill. patent, US-1038322-A: Head-motion for ore-concentrators. patent, US-1038359-A: Process of producing erythrene. patent, US-1038621-A: Phonograph. patent, US-1038804-A: Carbureter. patent, US-1038806-A: Apparatus for handling concrete. patent, US-104021-A: William hailes patent, US-1040246-A: Tire-protector. patent, US-1040529-A: Railway-car-connecting platform. patent, US-1041649-A: Liquid-fuel burner. patent, US-1042368-A: Type-setting device. patent, US-1042554-A: Cored carbon electrode for arc-lamps. patent, US-1042577-A: Wrapper-folding machine. patent, US-1043688-A: Card-filing arrangement or system. patent, US-1044298-A: Trolley. patent, US-1044616-A: Addressing-machine. patent, US-1044829-A: Wire-stretcher. patent, US-104528-A: Improvement in paddle-wheels patent, US-1045476-A: Rotary purifier for paper-pulp and the like. patent, US-1045550-A: Railroad-rail support. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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